About Us 

The Toronto Watt Club exists to provide a welcoming social and business networking forum which enriches the lives of Heriot-Watt alumni in the area and those of visiting alumni and University staff.

Working in partnership with the University’s Development and Alumni Office and led by alumni volunteers, it will develop, enhance and support mutually beneficial and enduring relationships between alumni, students, faculty and the University.

It will organize events and encourage and support the participation of alumni. It will seek to assist students through mentoring, events and internships, and advance the interests of the University.

Toronto Watt Club Board - Roles and Responsibilities

To lead the Board and ensure it is responsive to the interests and wishes of the branch membership. To represent the branch in the wider community. To take the lead at events and in recruitment of Board members. To be registered as a signatory to the branch bank account.

To arrange and minute Board meetings, maintain a record of membership and dues paid. With the Treasurer to oversee the collection of annual membership subscriptions to cover administration expenses. To attend to any official registrations required. To act as a contact point for visiting University staff or other alumni. To be registered as a signatory to the branch bank account.

To manage the finances of the branch. To receive and bank payments for annual subscriptions and events. To pay any deposits required for venue hire, etc. To prepare and present an annual statement of accounts. To be registered as a signatory to the branch bank account.

Events/Program Management
To organize a program of events. An annual Spring reception and Fall dinner will form the basis of the branch activity. Other events, for example speaker engagements, golf days, etc., may be organized as membership demand and opportunities require.

To promote and stimulate participation in the activities of the branch by means of mailing, a website, and other appropriate communications vehicles. To inform the University of future plans and past events for inclusion in University publications.

Toronto Watt Club Members
All Toronto Watt Club Members are encouraged to:
- take an active role in promoting participation in events.
- generate ideas for events and locations and using contacts to encourage the involvement of speakers and other contributors.
- assist in the development and support of the program of events through sponsorship, gifts in kind, donations of services, etc.
- play an active role at events, welcoming those attending and their guests and ensuring that introductions are made to assist networking.
- serve on the Board for a renewable three-year term (unless otherwise agreed).
- ensure long-term health of the Board by planning for succession in volunteer posts.